Altemus Collection

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56 dingbat fonts with over 9,700 designs, plus 6,500 never before released vector designs

Now available at an amazing discount!


    • 6,500 vector designs, including 300 new designs.
    • 56 WOFF & WOFF2 webfont versions.
    • 382-page Altemus Collection Design Index 5.0. PDF
    • Money-back guarantee

Just one single design in this collection can become the basis for your next logo or T-shirt. Animate them, extrude them in a 3D program, use them as graphic keys in a presentation, on a map or in a chart—the possibilities are endless.

Use them in all your favorite graphics programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects; you can even type them into text in programs like Microsoft Word, if your version allows OpenType features—and they are all cross-platform.

Since 1994, Altemus Collection has been a secret ingredient found in the font menus of designers at top magazines, book publishers, retailers, broadcasters, agencies and studios world-wide. This collection features unique dingbats, icons, printers cuts, rules and symbols, all curated and drawn over two decades by icon-master Altemus.

Now anyone from professional designers and web developers to entrepreneurs and newsletter publishers, will find exactly what they want. With over 9,700 unique designs, categorized and delivered as thematic fonts, such as Bursts, Cuts, Flowers, Kitchen, Spirals or Stars, this design resource can help you deliver memorable creative solutions, quickly.

You could spend your time trying to craft any one of the thousands of designs you will find here, but why bother with all that work? For a fraction of a penny each, you can instantly have any one of these designs available to spark up your next project, and still have an endlessly useful library for your future projects.

Thousands of these fonts have been sold at $22 each, now we are offering the entire collection at an amazing discount, 96% off the standard retail price, and with a money-back guarantee.


For the first time ever you’ll get 6,500 of our most unique and useful designs provided as vector outlines, including 300 new releases!


Web font versions for each and every font in the collection.


Our Altemus Collection Design Index 5.0, a 382-page PDF that’s a $25 value on its own, and great for brainstorming and refining your design choices. It includes a showing and key map for every character in every font in the collection along with their related vector designs. It even has seting guides for complex rules and borders, so selecting, searching and using our fonts or vectors has never been easier.

Money-Back Guarantee

If, within 30 days of purchase, you are dissatisfied, we will refund the entire purchase price.

After check-out you will get an email with a download link for your files.

Licensed to Explore

For your best price and all the above listed goodies, you’ll want to get the entire collection. You will be licensed for use on up to 5 devices, and will be able to use the fonts in any fashion you choose, except for re-releasing them as fonts or selling vector downloads.

Still Not Ready?

If your not ready to get the entire collection, you can still snag one of our great font sub-sets at a substantial discount!

Font & Vector Sets — Exactly What You Want!

We’ve also bundled the collection into six sub-sets; Borders & Rules, Cuts, Devices, Geometrics, Organics, and the popular Sampler Set. These sets will still still be licensed for up to 5 devices, and include the related vectors and indivual showings for each font in the set.

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