I am a New York based illustrator and designer, with decades of experience in art direction for print, interaction and broadcast.

I am the recipient of well over a hundred and fifty national design and illustration awards. I have created illustrations for; the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, and various film and Broadway properties.

I became involved with designing interactive content and for the Internet in 1996, developing Web sites for non-profits, fortune 500 corporations, major financial institutions, mainstream media and technology companies.

I have art directed and redesigned numerous publications, including; Ad Age, Family Weekly, New Jersey Monthly, The New York Daily News, Penthouse, US, and Washingtonian magazines. I also have extensive experience developing publications for fantasy and sci-fi and entertainment project’s including; Back To The Future, Batman, Blade Runner, Goonies, Gremlins, Jurassic Park, Mad Max, Star Wars, and The X-Files TV show.

I have designed and market the Altemus Collection, 50 dingbat, geometric & picture fonts, available at myfonts.com, fonts.com and other font retail sites.

I recently co-wrote and illustrated over 900 drawings for an original intellectual property, a  250-page graphic novel, Argent Starr — Quest For The Cardinal Stone, available as a digital download and print-on-demand at online retailers. For more information, please visit argentstarr.com.


: https://altemus.com/portfolio/motion-animation/